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Spacer rollers with through-hole or through-hole polyamide, ø 4.7-6.4-7.9mm

Heyco® "Standard Plus" Nylon Washers and Spacers

Spacer rollers with through-hole or through-hole polyamide, ø 4.7-6.4-7.9mm

Part numbers and specifications:

Outside Dia..187" (4,7 mm).250" (6,4 mm).312" (7,9 mm)
Inside Dia..091" (2,3 mm).115" (2,9 mm).091" (2,3 mm).115" (2,9 mm).140" (3,6 mm).171" (4,3 mm).115" (2,9 mm).140" (3,6 mm).171" (4,3 mm)
0,8     RS-2509-0032 RS-2511-0032       RS-3114-0032  
1,6 RS-1809-0063 RS-1811-0063 RS-2509-0063 RS-2511-0063 RS-2514-0063     RS-3114-0063  
2,4     RS-2509-0093 RS-2511-0093       RS-3114-0093  
3,2 RS-1809-0125 RS-1811-0125 RS-2509-0125 RS-2511-0125 RS-2514-0125 RS-2517-0125 RS-3111-0125 RS-3114-0125 RS-3117-0125
4,0   RS-1811-0156*   RS-2511-0156*   RS-2517-0156*      
4,7 RS-1809-0187 RS-1811-0187 RS-2509-0187 RS-2511-0187 RS-2514-0187 RS-2517-0187 RS-3111-0187 RS-3114-0187 RS-3117-0187
6,4 RS-1809-0250 RS-1811-0250 RS-2509-0250 RS-2511-0250 RS-2514-0250 RS-2517-0250 RS-3111-0250 RS-3114-0250 RS-3117-0250
7,9 RS-1809-0312 RS-1811-0312 RS-2509-0312 RS-2511-0312 RS-2514-0312 RS-2517-0312 RS-3111-0312 RS-3114-0312 RS-3117-0312
9,5 RS-1809-0375 RS-1811-0375 RS-2509-0375 RS-2511-0375 RS-2514-0375 RS-2517-0375 RS-3111-0375 RS-3114-0375 RS-3117-0375
10,3     RS-2509-0405* RS-2511-0405* RS-2514-0405* RS-2517-0405*      
11,1 RS-1809-0437 RS-1811-0437 RS-2509-0437 RS-2511-0437 RS-2514-0437 RS-2517-0437 RS-3111-0437 RS-3114-0437 RS-3117-0437
12,7 RS-1809-0500 RS-1811-0500 RS-2509-0500 RS-2511-0500 RS-2514-0500 RS-2517-0500 RS-3111-0500 RS-3114-0500 RS-3117-0500
14,3 RS-1809-0562 RS-1811-0562 RS-2509-0562 RS-2511-0562 RS-2514-0562 RS-2517-0562 RS-3111-0562 RS-3114-0562 RS-3117-0562
15,9 RS-1809-0625 RS-1811-0625 RS-2509-0625 RS-2511-0625 RS-2514-0625 RS-2517-0625 RS-3111-0625 RS-3114-0625 RS-3117-0625
17,4 RS-1809-0687 RS-1811-0687 RS-2509-0687 RS-2511-0687 RS-2514-0687 RS-2517-0687 RS-3111-0687 RS-3114-0687 RS-3117-0687
19,1 RS-1809-0750 RS-1811-0750 RS-2509-0750 RS-2511-0750 RS-2514-0750 RS-2517-0750 RS-3111-0750 RS-3114-0750 RS-3117-0750
20,6 RS-1809-0812 RS-1811-0812 RS-2509-0812 RS-2511-0812 RS-2514-0812 RS-2517-0812 RS-3111-0812 RS-3114-0812 RS-3117-0812
22,2 RS-1809-0875 RS-1811-0875 RS-2509-0875 RS-2511-0875 RS-2514-0875 RS-2517-0875 RS-3111-0875 RS-3114-0875 RS-3117-0875
23,8 RS-1809-0937 RS-1811-0937 RS-2509-0937 RS-2511-0937 RS-2514-0937 RS-2517-0937 RS-3111-0937 RS-3114-0937 RS-3117-0937
25,4 RS-1809-1000 RS-1811-1000 RS-2509-1000 RS-2511-1000 RS-2514-1000 RS-2517-1000 RS-3111-1000 RS-3114-1000 RS-3117-1000


  • Standard color natural. * "Plus" length
  • Available downloads: